Documentation of Exhibition

Documentation of the exhibition „RhyCycling – Fluid Borderland“
13.10. – 4.11.12  Uferstrasse 90  Basel/Klybeckquai
Photos: Ketty Bertossi (if not mentioned otherwise)

Public space and foyer with tubes, refering to the invisible water and power supply lines in the underground.

Monitor on the left: Contamination, Clean up operation at the Old Port St. Johann (Novartis Campus)
Projection in the middle: Tanker tour

Projection on the right (with head phones): Tanker tour, imaginations of and wishes for the the Basel border area in future times
In the background: Unter water (floor plate); interactive computer platform (in the rear)

Under water: Images of youg fishes at Istein cataract/Germany

Interactive computer platform: with projection in the space (frontal) and with monitor view (stations on the right with head phones)

Interactive computer platform with monitor view

Interface of the interactive computer platform: The links between icons, locations and keywords are visible (all in magenta).

Pet bottles with water of the Rhine as mirrors or monitors; their bright water surface mirrors the environment of the exhibition in the inner space and the Rhine in front of the window.

Supporting Programme

Opening 12.10.12: Performance by Heinrich Lüber

Über, unter, auf dem Rhein:
Tour throught head of brigde and line tunnel, with following trip on the solar boat 20.10.12
Guided tour through the head of the Wettstein bridge
Photo: Team RhyCycling
Photo: Team RhyCyclingPhoto: Team RhyCycling
Guided tour through the line tunnel 30 m below of the Rhine

Trip with the solar boat to the exhibition space

A podium discussion with Daniel Gafner (product designer Postfossil), Jürg Hofer (Head of Office for the Environment and Energy of Canton Basel-Stadt), Jörg Lange (Regiowasser e.V. and Klimabündnis Freiburg),  P.M. (author of “Neustart Schweiz”), Marion Mertens (environmental scientist, moderator)

from left: Marion Mertens, Jörg Lange, Jürg Hofer
from left: P.M., Daniel Gafner